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By | May 6, 2016

General Grooming Tips for Your Dog We, humans, should have good grooming habits, but so do our dogs. On top of being a healthy practice, grooming also gives us more bonding memories with our pets. Of course, a professional groomer is necessary for dogs who need regular trimming or clipping, but the general tasks are all ours to do, such as: Bathing
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Once every two to four months is a good bathing schedule for your dog, unless she gets into something really dirty or stinky. If you do it too frequently, the natural oils on her coat and skin will dry out. Also make sure to use dog shampoo because human shampoo tends to be too harsh on a dog’s skin and coat.
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Brushing No matter how long your dog’s coat is, you need to brush it regularly – at least once every two days, in fact. There are different types of brushes and combs in the market, you should get those that are comfortable for you to use, and also appropriate for your purpose (some brushes or combs, for instance, are made removing ticks). Feet You don’t only trim up your dog’s feet to make her look pretty, but it’s also quite useful – less salt, tar, iceballs, etc. getting stuck in her feet! It means there will be less rocks, stickers, tar and the like getting caught in her feet, which can be uncomfortable for her too. Scissors are great for trimming over the top of the dog’s foot and at the bottom, but not around the pads or toes. Nails Checking and clipping nails should be done once every two weeks. They’ve grown too long if you hear them “click” while your dog walks across the floor. Nail clippers come in two types, and either one can be great, as long as the blade is sharp enough, you have a clear view of where the blade is cutting into, and of course, you’re comfortable using the tool. Have some styptic powder nearby, in case you clip the vein accidentally. Ears Your dog’s ears must be cleaned about once a week. This can be done with some gauze or a cotton ball dipped in ear cleaning solution, or you can also wrap a baby wipe around your finger. Water is not recommended as it doesn’t evaporate quickly. Don’t use Q-tips either, and don’t stick anything down the ear canal to avoid causing a painful ear injury. If there seems to be a weird smell or a discharge from your pet’s ear, take her to the vet immediately. Teeth Finally, clean your pet’s teeth no less than two or three times a week, either with a finger cap scrubber for pet teeth, a dog toothbrush, or your finger with a piece of gauze wrapped around it. And don’t use human toothpaste because it foams too much and is upsetting to your dog’s tummy.

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