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By | January 8, 2016

The Right Way To Prevent And Treat Flea Infestation In Your Cat Quite a number of people prefer keeping cats as their pets. However, most of them are faced with the imminent challenge of having to deal with flea infestation which comes with this like. Fleas are awful tiny parasites that attack cats to breed in their fur. Fleas lay their eggs in cat’s fur where they hatch into larvae and grows into fleas. If the flea infestation is a light one, it may be difficult spotting the parasites. A sure sign that a cat may be infested is an excessive desire to scratch especially around the neck and behind the ears. If you also notice a cat grooming compulsively the base of its tail or along its spine then this may also be a key indication of infestation.
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By taking a keen look at the cat, you will notice some dark blistering specks along its spine or base of its tail if the cat is actually infested. Even so, where the infestation is severe and depending again on the color and size of your pet’s coat, you can easily notice fleas roaming all over its body.
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There should be no cause of alarm if the infestation is not a severe one. Light infestation can easily be solved using a flea comb. This pet grooming tool is quite effective and can be found in many pet stores. On the other hand, severe infestation requires a detailed flea treatment to eliminate the pests. It is very important that once you manage to eliminate the pests you should have the cat examined by a vet. With all the available flea infestation treatment in the market, you cannot achieve an effective long term effect if you do not take prerequisite measures to avoid infestation in the first place. By following the following simple steps you can help your pet avoid being infested. At first, it is important to feed the cat well and also on a balanced diet. This will improve the quality of your cat’s fur and reduce chances of flea infestation. The second step is all about the general cleanliness of the cat’s environment. This means you need to keep furniture, litter tray, basket and indeed the entire house spotless. Try to clean your pet’s house as regularly as possible if not daily. Lastly, it is important to give your pet regular grooming and bath it once in four or six months. It is worth noting that it is not recommendable to bath your cat way too often as this can affect the cat’s health. It is important to take cat flea infestation seriously as assuming the same can prove detrimental to your cat.

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