What You Should Know About Dogs This Year

By | November 11, 2015

The Most Desired Attributes of a Good Dog Trainer Whenever there is a conversation about dog training, participants may tend to focus on techniques and methods — the principles that can help a dog learn to do its intended job well. The deliberations may emphasize on dog psychology and ignore trainer mentality. However, top dog trainers have certain attributes and skills that help them achieve expected results. If you want to hire a dog trainer in Atlanta, this article features tips to help you decide prudently. It is extremely helpful to note that not every person who spends a lot of his time with dogs qualifies as the best dog trainer. It is the same reasoning you’d apply when deciding where to learn engineering– being an engineer does not necessarily make someone a good engineering teacher. A very important view for an accomplished dog trainer is that he’s not a harsh superintended, but a considerate trainer, and probably, a partner. The outstanding trainer is a honest dog’s companion and he’s naturally able to impress with dogs. You most certainly want that type of trainer handling your dog.
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In the same way a good manager identifies ways he can motivate his juniors to perform better, a good dog trainer recognizes what he can do to motivate his dog to do well. Ordinarily, a dog may do certain things because it takes enjoyment in them. In other cases, a dog may require encouragement to have fun with certain jobs until it learns to. Still, a dog learns other responsibilities out of concerns about the consequences of not upholding them.
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Therefore, a good trainer is able to read the psychology of his dog and determine the best training tactic to achieve desired results. The quality of a trainer is dependent on his capacity to set goals for his dog and implement them at rate that’s commensurate with the dog’s IQ. The trainer ought to adopt a methodology that helps get results with the dog. The top dog trainers are relaxed, unhurried, and patient with a dog’s pace of learning. The dog training gurus do not go berserk on a dog for failure to attain set targets. A calm and gentle trainer has the ability to impart calmness onto the dog he’s raising. A good dog trainer should also demonstrate consistency. A consistent trainer avoids confusing his dog with his signals. The dog will not learn if it’s subjected to conflicting consequences for the same behavior. Good instructors can also explain why their trainee is erring. Still, careful planning and organization can help prevent exposing a dog to the likelihood of erring. Mastering the psychology of a dog can help with positive behavior reinforcement.

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