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By | February 23, 2016

Buying a French Bulldog for a Pet Buying a French Bulldog as a pet and companion is a lot easier than choosing one for shows. You don’t have to think of eye color or coat restrictions, giving you all the freedom you want. When buying a French Bulldog, you should never have that feeling that you’re getting an animal of low quality. Of course, that means you have to look for responsible breeder. In every set of pups, whatever the parental heritage, some will always come with flaws that would have disqualified them if they were to be screened as show dogs. These Frenchies are the ones usually sold as pet quality or companion dogs, which is what the breed is really for. With companion animals being prevented from reproducing, usually through spaying or neutering, puppies of good breeders have, in fact, proven ancestry that equals that of show dogs. Another reason a Frenchie may be classified as companion animal is its father not having reached Championship status.
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Below are other factors that render a Frenchie unfit for shows:
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> certain colors like black and tan, black and white, etc. These can otherwise be prime dogs, and make good companion animals. > any kind of alteration, except for dewclaw removal > any nose color which is not black > any ear shape which is not bat > imperfectly aligned teeth > any size that is bigger or smaller than what is required for a particular show The secret to finding a mentally and physically healthy Frenchie lies in finding a good breeder. It’s always good to talk to as many Frenchie breeders or clubs as you can to ask for referrals. Also be sure to ask for other breeders and clubs and not just people who purchased puppies from them before. If they can’t give you any, they probably haven’t built a good reputation within the Frenchie community. Since health issues tend to be a big deal for this breed, you must ask the breeder about the health condition of the pup’s parents. Although this doesn’t necessarily reflect the pup’s own health condition, being aware of its family’s history will help you to prepare for whatever happens. Nevertheless, a healthy breeding stock will yield a healthier dog. Reliable breeders pick the most desirable characteristics, temperament and health when breeding, and will avoid dogs that can have a negative impact on the breed’s health, even if they only plan to focus on companion animals. As soon as you’ve cleared these issues, look for a Frenchie which shows good demeanor. While Frenchies are generally not hot-tempered, you shouldn’t look for one that is too gregarious either. You want a dog that is healthy in both mind and body.

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