What Has Changed Recently With Pigeons?

By | September 13, 2015

A Guide to Pigeon Raising Pigeons have been a part of man’s life for a very long time, and it seems they will be here for quite a long time to come. In the past, these little birds were used as personal courier services for sending letters and other messages over far distances. They provided a faster way of communication as they could fly over great distances. Today pigeons are raised for food, racing, show birds, or just as pets. Raising a pigeon requires a little patience and interest in the birds well-being. Factors to consider are similar across the board no matter what type pigeons you want to raise. Show pigeons and racing pigeons are trained differently as they are bred for performance. These birds require training right from birth so that they develop stamina and speed. They also need to be the right food and in the right proportions. It is important that you buy the right commercial food mix in the pigeon supplies you get. This mix contains healthy grains such as corn among others. You must also ensure that you buy pigeon supplies keenly. This could either be the food, the medication or pigeon brands. This helps in avoiding poor quality products and counterfeits. Therefore, you must be confident that the products you buy, especially in pigeon bands is of good quality. Go to a reputable pigeon supplies provider. Mostly at the supplier’s website’s homepage, you will find information on the products you wish to buy and the supplier too.
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Keep the lofts where the bird stays dry and very clean. This applies to any other place the birds stay. A moist and dirty pen allows for growth of bacteria and viruses that may make the pigeons sick. Therefore, as you buy pigeon supplies, be sure to buy a good quality bleach too. The bleach helps you clean the pen better. This way, you reduce the number of pigeons you might lose due to diseases, and also keep down trips to the vet. Do not over crowd the birds in your loft or in the pen.
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It is also important that you ensure you buy the right of bands for the pigeons in your care. The bands help in finding stray pigeons. There are website that will help you find you bird once lost. Where you have racing homers then you might need special band, one that allows you to take part in national races. The person who find will use the band to identify the bird and have it recovered. If you do not tag the pigeon, people will assume that it is a wild pigeon, and you may never get it back. Ensure that the loft is built in such a way that the loft protects the pigeons. Hawks and other birds of prey can hunt and kill your pigeons, so lock them up properly.

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