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By | August 18, 2015

Paramount Things Concerning Ear Mites Normally, ear mites are parasitic animals that stay in the ear canals of cats, dogs, rabbits, and ferrets. There are also a common cause of ear infection in kittens and other young cats. Due to ear mites, animals experience considerable irritation in the ears and also on the skin. Some of the times, a dark waxy material will tend to build up in the ear canal and the mites can be clearly seen as small white dots moving on the debris. If the animal in a manner scratches the skin; it may result in crusty lesions and a probable hair loss. The ear mites are highly contagious and can be transferred through a direct body contact with the other infected animal. To prevent further infestation, only the use of environmental flea control can be effective since it is difficult to control mites particularly in the kennels. However in case of an individual animal infection, it can be treated by the veterinarian with a local ear medication. To a large extent, ear mites affect your dog and can even result in an accidental death. A dog’s joyful nature is affected significantly. This living organisms thrive on dog’s bodies for food this inconveniencing the pet. As external parasites, they feed on the epidermal wastes of your pets ears and can stay there as long as they are getting the proper nourishment. The use of a microscope makes it easy to see the ear mites that are invisible by the use of naked eyes. On the other hand, other species are large thus easily visible floating about the hair and on the skin of your pet. On most cases, ear mites do not result in the death of your pet but can trigger a loss of the pet’s hearing. In case the mites get deeper into the ears, they can lead to damage to the ear drum. It is recommended to make use of natural home remedies to keep away ear mites. Ear mites are the most difficult parasites to get rid of but following a specific treatment can get mites off your pets. If not treated, mites can cause swollen red ears to a cat and even lost of hearing from vigorous head shaking causing a blood vessel to burst. In order to test for the presence of mites in a cat’s ears, one can use a cotton swab dipped in mineral or vegetable oil. The presence of ear mites in a cat can be as a result of black debris on the cotton swab. With a syringe, you can clean the pet’s ear with a combination of olive oil and vitamin E. After five minutes of spreading it on the pet’s ears you can do ear massage with your thumb and forefinger and wiping out the mite debris with cotton swab.Smart Tips For Finding Remedies

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