Understanding Badgers

By | October 2, 2015

Honey Badgers – 10 Facts You Should Know One of the most fascinating animals in the planet are the honey badgers. They are one of the most unique animals in the animal kingdom even though their names don’t ring a sweet bell. If you want to know more about them, here are 10 facts about honey badgers. Fact #1 Ratel is another name for them – Many people in its native lands call this animal the Ratel. This is an African term used to identify honey badgers. The reason why it is called this way is due to the rattling sound they produced when they are feeling fearful. Fact #2 They are located in the middle east and Africa – You can find honey badgers in specific places in Africa and the middle East.
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Fact #3 They are brave creatures – As they say, one of the most fearless creatures alive is the honey badger. In fact, they are considered to be one of the most fearless animals today. The reason behind it are mentioned below.
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Fact #4 Honey badgers kill and eat snakes – This is the reason as to why they claim that honey badgers do not fear anything. They eat snakes when they want to. They do not fear even the most venomous snake out there in the wild. A 5 foot long snake only takes 20 minutes or less for them to feed on. Smaller crocodiles, turtles, hares, termites and earthworms are some of the animals they feed on too. Fact #5 They are solitary animals – Honey badgers are also solitary creatures. When the number of people and food are abundant, that is the time that they usually come together as a group. As believed, they do not have a permanent home. They simply dig a hole under the ground and will stay there for a few days. They will go and search for a new home after that. Fact #6 They are awake at night during the summer and awake during the day at winter – But on the places where there is people, they are usually awake at night only. Fact #7 Their skin is thick and rubbery – Because their skin is so thick and rubbery, other animals will have a hard time killing them or making them as prey. This makes them resistant to bites. Their bodies are flexible as well. Their bodies can be twisted. Biting their predator also becomes easier for them because of it. Fact #8 You cannot see their ears as they are hidden. Fact #9 Their life span is around 24 to 26 years. Fact #10 Honey badgers release scent from their anal glands – The scent released from their anus is used when they hunt for bee hives. The bees are irritated by it which drives it away.

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