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By | November 6, 2015

What to Know Before Getting Your Very Own Carnivorous Plant Pet Having pets around the house is one way to break the ice from work and it is just important to know exactly what to look out for and know what to do during such unexpected happenings so you will be able to apply the right methods to keep things in order and safe, same goes when you have carnivorous plant pets in your house. Carnivorous plants really are interesting things to keep as pets and it is very important that you know what to do during certain events to ensure that you will be able to play your role as a responsible carnivorous plant pet owner. If you decide to read on, then you will be able to educate yourself about how to take care of carnivorous plants to keep them healthy and well-maintained. Educating oneself about the basics of taking care and keeping carnivorous plants healthy is very important, especially for people who are new to this type of hobby. A lot of people who decide to purchase carnivorous plants such as Venus fly trap and pitcher plants without planning ahead and even knowing exactly how does these plants live except they eat inspects and there is nothing wrong with that exactly since there are a lot of tips that aspiring carnivorous plants owners can get from the internet nowadays. It is also very important that you know exactly how much water you should give to your plants on a regular basis since this is also one thing that owners must not overlook and considering that the carnivorous plants are found in humid places, keeping them in an area where humidity is high is just ideal. When you plan to keep carnivorous plants as pets, then it is very important that you will place it in areas where there are just about 70% humidity in the area and just in case that you don’t have a place like such, then placing them on a dish with an adequate amount of water should increase the amount of humidity in the area. Aside from placing them on a dish with adequate amount of water, you could also place them inside aquariums or inside a covered terrarium since this will surely turn out to be a perfect habitat for them.
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Another thing that has been discussed over the years by carnivorous plant enthusiasts is if the plants need further fertilizers or not because naturally, they don’t need fertilizers and insisting on adding such will highly result to harming the plant, instead of the expected results. However, in case that your plants are showing such signs of nutrient deficiency, then you can feed them artificially with insects and this should be enough to bring their health back to their best state.
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It really helps to know these things prior to purchasing a carnivorous plant pet so you will know what to do during critical times.

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