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By | January 7, 2016

Tips When Looking For Dog Portrait Artists It is not an easy task to find the right artist who will do dog portraits. Needless to say, you want your dog portrait to be perfect whenever possible. With that in mind, how you can locate the right artist for the job? To make sure that you will be working with the right professional, here are a few tips that you must take into mind. Tip number 1. See their pet portfolio – look at the portfolio of the dog artist and then see if you like their work, the style of how they do dog portraits and so on. Check if your prospect dog artist shows you the original photo to which the painting is based if you don’t like to commission pet portraits from photos. This is important on its own as the portrait might look accomplished but if you will try to compare it on the actual photo to which the painting was based, it might not look like the canine in the photo. This as a result is misleading the client. Tip number 2. Has the artist in question told you on what oils or canvas your pet portrait would be painted with – obviously, in any service or product being offered, quality matters a lot. It starts with the oils and the canvas that the portrait will be painted to have the highest quality of portrait. Be sure that you have asked the dog artist about it just in case that they fail to mention it to you.
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Tip number 3. Does your prospect dog artist has a website – if yes, then be sure to check the FAQ page of the site. It will be very important that you find out what is going to happen in case that you don’t like the dog portrait prior to placing your order. See what is going to happen in case that you’re not satisfied with the dog portrait, would you still need to pay for it, will you shoulder for the delivery or it’s included in the package, will the dog artist makes necessary changes to the oil painting if you asked them to and the likes. In any dog artist you are talking to, these questions must be raised.
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Tip number 4. Will the artist give you free advice on the dog portrait – say that you are about to commission a dog portrait from a photograph, then it will be important that the photo that would be used is clear, in focus and has high resolution as this allows the artist to provide you with sound advice whether it is suitable for the project or not.

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