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By | May 8, 2016

Signs Of Foundation Water Damage

Both foundation and water damage are common issues to which many homeowners are dealing with. But don’t worry as there is still some good news to it while it may sound grim. Well first, both of these problems could be repaired. While many homeowners might not be thrilled to have a basement waterproofing or foundation repair done, it’s hopeful that if required, repair is available and prognosis for home is good. Second, there are a number of signs that could alert homeowners of serious imminent problems of such damage.

There are several signs which can help you notice water damage similar to a sinking foundation. But one of the common are cracked exterior brick, sagging basement flooring or sloping floors. Oftentimes, on the home’s interiors, cracked walls could be seen as well. The foundation of the house is connected to the rest of the home’s skeleton and problems with it could go straight in the house.

Drywall could start to develop cracks or, crown molding may begin to pull away from wall. Windows as well as doors will start to kick and down below the basement, bowing walls begin to form. This is all because of expanding and the contracting of soil and water pressure around the house.

Proper action should be taken as you can’t simply ignore these signs. While couple of cracks in brick or drywall might not alarm people, the reality is, many of the foundation problems are getting worse as time pass by and none of them are getting better on their own. And assuming that you left to deteriorate and forget the problem, then it can be more detailed and costly.

Likewise, there are tell-tale signs that come with water damage and the most common and simplest among it is the foul smell. Like a poorly drained, old leaky castle, crawlspace walls or crumbling basement might be allowing moisture and provide perfect breeding ground for all kinds of pungent, microbes and allergenic. In addition to that, in a property with basement, it’s quite obvious when walls are leaking. There are instances that homeowners see the problem before they can even smell it but for homes with crawlspaces, the issue can be undetected due to the fact that homeowners are not usually in and out of their crawlspace.

It will be crucial to immediately call a qualified and licensed professional water damage repair company in the event that you’re seeing signs of water damage in your home or you’re already dealing with such problem. These services providers will handle these types of problems and bring your home back on its firm rooting.

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