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By | December 3, 2015

What to Expect from High Quality French Bulldog Breeders Once you have decided that you need to get a puppy for yourself or a loved one, it is required that you evaluate your lifestyle. This will enable you to know if you are prepared to live with and take care of a french bulldog puppy. You will be given the chance of knowing the puppy as an individual by high quality french bulldog breeders before you take it home. Before getting a french bulldog puppy, you should know what you can expect from a quality breeder. High quality french bulldog breeders should be in a position to give you the chance of seeing the puppy with the entire litter and its mother. You will be able to know the mother’s temperament and what to expect when it comes to the future size and characteristics of the puppy. When you know how a puppy is going to look like or be in its full grown state will influence your decision of getting it. In addition to watching the puppy and how it relates with its mother, high quality french bulldog breeders will ensure that you handle the other puppies as well. You should be able to handle the entire litter instead of handling the one puppy you are being offered. This might lead to you changing your mind and choosing another puppy that you might like. You should not find yourself in a position where you are being forced to take home a french bulldog puppy that you do not like.
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Information such as the kind of socialization the puppy has been exposed to should be provided to you by good breeders. In addition, these breeders should be able to advise you on continuing work that you should do at home. When you are selecting a french bulldog puppy, you should look for a litter that has been brought up in a house that is similar to yours.
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Clients should be provided with a contract of sale by quality french bulldog breeders. The contract from the breeder should detail the responsibility that you and the breeder have to the puppy. Written feeding, training, worming, immunization and exercise advice should be provided. This way, the puppy will not miss anything that is important for its healthy living. A breeder has to provide a buyer with a pedigree stating the ancestry of the dog. This can be printed or hand-written. Dogs can be affected by some inherited conditions, which is the case with human beings. The breeder should be ready to let you know if these exist, and if the puppy you are buying is susceptible to any of those conditions. With this information, you know what your puppy needs and what to expect in future.

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