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By | March 10, 2016

Things You Should Know About Professional Dog Walking Dog owners population has been rapidly increasing nowadays and much of these owners find the difficulty of walking their dogs every day. This problem ignited an increase in popularity of professional dog walking services. Characteristics like a fondness for dogs and a great deal of experience is a must for a professional dog walker. There are a lot of things one must consider when planning and starting a professional dog walking service. Like if you are to take in and walk a dog, make sure that it actually has an insurance just in case it will cause damages to some properties during your walk or it injures another dog. If you happen to be a dog walker, providing your potential client your full and most current criminal background check report would be a very good idea since when you collect and drop off dogs, you would probably be given property keys and this is a way of making your future clients feel assured of getting you as their dog walker. With regards to the professional dog walking services fee, some locations would be rather costly compared to others. But while the number of dogs being walked increases, the rate of charge per dog actually decreases.
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The cost per walk also depends on the length and distance covered during walks. Consider the body size and age of the dogs you are walking so if you have small dogs and old ones, you can offer their owners shorter distance of walks because lengthy walks would not be good for these types of dogs. It is highly recommended for a single person to just take four dogs during walks at the same time. Because if you five or more dogs at the same time, there is a probability of the dogs forming or creating a pack mentality which might lead to causing disturbance among the dogs and to others. Also, the chances of your command being heard and followed with a larger group of dogs becomes slim during your walks. A number of city councils, considering all of these factors, actually came up with legal restrictions on the number of dogs being walked a single person all at the same time. The restriction requires a person to only walk four dogs in maximum.
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Other important things that you should make sure is the dog’s collar. Leads vary depending on the kinds and size of the dogs. Only choose dogs that are obedient in following your commands when you want to take some dogs off of the lead. One of the walker’s responsibility also is picking up after the dogs they walk. Which means as a walker, you should have a large supply of waste bags. The work may seem a little bit hard but if you love dogs, it would be so bad.

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