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By | April 29, 2016

Wayne Pacelle and the Humane Society of the United States Humane Society of the United States is the nation’s driving largest protection organization since 1954, and assessed as the most effective by its peers. The HSUS is a conventional voice for animals with dynamic programs in pet animals, wildlife, farm animals as well as animals in research. Advocacy, education, legislation are some of the techniques HSUS uses to protect all animals. The primary objective of HSUS is to celebrate animals and prevent cruelty before it occurs. Humane Society of America also liberates and cares for tens of thousands of animals each year. Currently, HSUS continues to tackle the biggest national and international issues facing animals. Many organizations and local shelters do not have the means or resources of confronting these problems which include puppy mills, animal fighting, horse slaughter, seal killing and other types of commercial slaughter of marine mammals, wildlife trade, factory farming and inhumane slaughter. Besides simply assisting animals in crisis, HSUS also criticizes the root causes of the problems. The HSUS collects an extensive set of tools to handle the fiercest fights and stay in the course until they accomplish change, when advocating and initiating change for animals. The HSUS offers programs and literature for kids and adults in its efforts to enlighten the public. The organization gives Mission: Humane which is an esteemed service learning program and publishes Kind News, a magazine meant for kids in grades K-6. Individuals who wish to get more details on Mission: Humane or sign up for a classroom for Kind News can visit the organization’s official website. Middle and high school students can also get educational resources through the website. A one-year subscription to All Animals is available to members who contribute a gift and each participant of the monthly pledge program. This bimonthly magazine gives updates on special HSUS programs, current HSUS success as well as animal-protection issues.
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HSUS has made remarkable success thanks to its President and CEO Wayne Pacelle. Pacelle is a zealous defender of animals and an inspiration to millions of advocates and supporters. The HSUS and Wayne Pacelle have strived for the passage of more than 500 new state laws since 2005, and he has helped to pass more than 25 federal statutes to protect animals in the last decade. Pacelle’s passion for his work has seen him write about the continuing and ever-changing bond between animals and humans.
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Wayne Pacelle has written chapters in several books dealing with animal problems and the initiative procedure. The Bond which is substantially more than what its title suggests is one of his best-selling books. In April 2016, he published another inspiring book, The Humane Economy. Wayne Pacelle’s books on Amazon are available for pre-orders.

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