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By | January 19, 2016

Factors That Distinguish a Honey Badger A honey badger has a scientific name known as Mellivora Capensis. A honey badger is known as a ratel. It is the only animal in the subfamily of the mustelid that belongs to the genus Mellivora. You can find honey badger in India, Asia and some parts of Africa. Its outstanding name does not make it different from other badgers. A the honey badger can adapt to any environment, and it is similar to a weasel The animal is carnivorous and has few enemies due to the thick skin. A ratel has a long body that is larger on the back side. The outer cover is outstandingly flexible, and this assists it in turning and moving freely. The thickness of the neck of a honey badger is about six millimeters, and it assists the animal to fight against its predators without injuries. The head of the badger is tiny, and it is flat and has a short muzzle. The honey badger has small eyes and little ears that looks like ridges on the skin surface that also act as an adaptation when fighting the enemies. The honey badger has short and sturdy legs having dangerous claws. The tail is small in size and covered with fur. The the animal has an anal pouch that releases the bad smell. The smell is known to calm bees when looting beehives. Honey badgers gather food together during the mating season. Much is not known about their reproducing habits. The animal have a gestation period of about six months whereby two cubs are born blind. The honey badgers live for about twenty-four years. They make their holes where they stay with their cabs. They dig up long tunnels in a hard ground in about ten minutes and one to three meters long. The ratel is so smart, it was viewed pulling a log and stepping on it so as to reach a kingfisher that was on the roof of the cave.
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It is a healthy animal that is even known to scare away huge animals such as lions. Any sting or a bite from any predator cannot get through the honey badger due to its thick skin. A honey badger feeds on small wild animals such frogs and tortoise and it is also famous for running after little lions and take their prey. The honey badger also feed on vegetables. A honey badger also preys on snakes like the cobra and make them food.
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The animal stays close to the people in some areas. This leads to massive killings of poultry, small livestock and in some cases they even kill small kids. They also have been seen dig the graves and feed on corpses in India. In some countries, they also eat dead bodies from the graves. They destroy the houses of poultry and eat them up.

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