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By | November 12, 2015

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Devon Rex Kitten If you are in need of worthy companion, Devon Rex kittens are the best. They are lively, affectionate and extremely witty pets that are bound to make your day. Nonetheless, you still need to play your part when it comes to maintaining the pet. This article offers some important suggestions you can use to take good care of your Devon Rex cat. You can use these tips to ensure the cat lives longer. Most importantly, if you have other pets already in your home, you should introduce them to your cat. Gradual interaction with the other animals will make your new pet feel at home in no time. Make a safe place for your kitten where it can rest as it sums up the other pets. Once they get used to each other, you can allow your pets to interact freely.
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Never use clumping litters with Devon Rex kittens since they might result to injuries or death. Prepare your kitten’s litter before you take the pet home. The first day you take the kitten home, place it in the litter box just to allow it to get used to the environment. The first few days you can feed the kitten while it is in the litter box. While it might sound a bit weird, but it is important that you praise the kitten every time it uses the litter box to help it get used to using it.
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What you feed your Devon Rex kitten is also very important. Every single day until the kitten reaches the age of six month, ensure you feed it three times a day. Thereafter, feed it twice a day until up to the age of nine months. Do meticulous searches on the internet to ensure you get the right meal for the kitten. However, Devon Rex kittens should be fed on calcium supplement. If you plan to feed the kitten any dry food, ensure you have water available for it to drink. This will keep it hydrated and prevent constipation. Treat your cat regularly against fleas and other pests. You can use most of the products you find in stores apart from organophosphates, which are extremely dangerous. Inquire from a veterinary what will be good to use instead of making your own uninformed decisions. If the kitten accumulates eye discharge, use a swab to wipe it off. Use the swab only once to avoid any health complications. Get the kitten a toy. This will help the kitten utilize its energy. The toy does not have to be fancy .

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