Sail the Thames on a Boat Party London

By | December 1, 2016

After a day of classes, work or sightseeing in London, relax the night away on a party boat with dancing, drinking and a little bit of snacking. Join friends, family or coworkers and sail the Thames for some inexpensive fun amid the lights of the city. The London Eye is lit up in blue lights and Big Ben practically glows. It is beautiful and you are sure to enjoy yourself. A DJ keeps people on the dance floor and the bar offers drink specials and promotions. A light buffet meal helps to get rid of the munchies and you can take in sights while laughing the night away.

You can book online to get a boarding pass for the night and event of your choosing. If you are planning to go with a group of friends, it is highly recommended you book as a group. Some nights can have more than one boat sailing from the same pier at the same time to accommodate high volume and you wouldn’t want to get accidentally split up. Smart casual is most commonly the dress code to follow, so be comfortable. You may want to bring a sweater or jacket with you just in case, as it can sometimes get cool when you are on the water. Most cruises are on the weekends, but some companies operate party boats during the week for college students or private parties. Warmer weather sees more sail dates during the week as well.

A boat party london can also be scheduled for private parties. Organizers can help you plan any event whether it be a birthday celebration, an anniverary, a wedding reception or a graduation. Imagine the great time everyone would have at the next office holiday party if it were held on the Thames. All anyone has to worry about is simply showing up and getting on the boat. The rest is taken care of by the DJ, the crew and the staff. It would be like hiring a floating night club for the evening. That is not an event you get invited to everyday, so you may want to consider it as an option. Have fun.

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