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By | November 12, 2015

What to Consider to Find the Best Dog Walking Service For Your Pet In our society today, dogs have been considered a family and walking them regularly is just important so it is just perfectly alright if you decide to have a dog walking service to walk them on a daily basis if you are too busy to do the task on your own. It is just important that you will find the right dog walking service that will walk your dog while you are away since dogs are considered man’s best friend after all. There are so many dog walking services that you can find today and knowing the important factors will allow you to assure that you will get the best services for your dog. To land on the right dog walking service or company, one important factor that you should take into consideration is that they should not just allow any other dog to be walked with your dogs if they do not belong to you since this scene is likely to cause havoc. The dog walking services should ensure that there will be no more than two medium dogs walked together and no more than three small dogs walked together at the same time. The dog walking service or company should give priority to proper handling techniques on leash to ensure that the dogs will be handled safely. The dog should be able to release bowels every time before they are brought to walk and the leash should be short and loose where the dog will stay at the side of the dog walker. Some of the things that the handler should have are doggy treats to reward the dog for positive behavior as well as doggie water bottle to fight off those days that are too hot.
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Yet another important thing that responsible dog owners should look for is to ensure that the dog walker is a certified pet care and that they should hold such certifications from national pet organizations so that you can confirm and assure that your dog will be handled properly. Don’t be afraid to ask for these certificates when you are communicating with dog walking services and companies just to be sure.
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While you are checking the certificates, it also pays to see that they are certified in First Aid and CPR just to be sure that such accidents will be handled accordingly by the dog walker. Checking and confirming that they are certified to handle such happenings will assure that the dog walker will know right away what to do during such events. Contracts are also important things that should be checked and signed together with the dog walker so as not only to protect the owner but to also protect the dog’s safety.

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