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By | December 7, 2015

Preparing Your House for a Pet Hamster Hamsters can be great companions. But, they need a lot of preparations before they can be taken in. Some of the necessities for a pet hamster are a cage, food, chews, beddings and a water bottle. The cage should be given first priority over the other hamster pet accessories. Hamster cages are of different types. Most hamster cages come with exercise wheels that the hamster can play with. A majority of hamster cages come with exercise wheels where the hamster can play. The price of a hamster cage is dependent on its size and the accessories installed in it. A hamster cage can be made of glass that is covered by mesh or a simple mesh cage with a plastic floor base. Size is however the most important aspect of a hamster cage. The hamster cage must be cleaned regularly in order to remove the waste in it and change the beddings. No matter the cage, it is important to put toys in the cage for the entertainment of the hamster. The most popular toys are hamster hats and tubes and can be bought in pet stores. Some of the popular toys include hamster hats and tubes that are available in pet stores.
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A water bottle must be kept at the side of the cage. The water should be changed daily and a food bowl needs to be provided since a bowl will help you to know how much the hamster eats. Eating less can be a sign of sickness to the hamster. There are hamster treats available but you can choose to feed it with fresh vegetable and fruit.
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Hamster teeth never stop growing because they are rodents. This means they should be provided with things to chew on. Chew toys and sticks can be added to the food and snacks and can be hidden for the hamster to forage and chew on. These can be hidden around the cage for the hamster to forage and feed on. Exercise wheels and toys need to be availed for the hamster. Preferably, the exercise wheel should be made of plastic since hamsters tend to stick their feet on the wheel. Places for digging should be provided to keep the hamster busy with its toys. Ensure that the cage you buy is spacious enough for the hamster to run around in. The cage needs to be cleaned often and food and water replaced often.

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