Love to Watch Wildlife? Try a House Window Bird Feeder

By | August 21, 2016

Many bird watchers install feeders on their properties, but are unable to get a view of their feathered visitors during very cold weather. A house window bird feeder solves this problem because it lets you to stay cozy indoors and still see Nature’s sideshow close up. These feeders also provide a steady supply of food, entertainment, and more.

You Can View Birds Without Owning Them

If you are a pet lover but your landlord does not allow pets, a window feeder, such as the Yellow Beaks acrylic model, lets you enjoy animal antics without violating your lease. They attach to glass using suction cups. You can install one in minutes and take it with you when you leave.

Feeders Are Great for Bird Watchers

Window feeders are a great way for bird watchers to see a variety of wild birds. A clear model allows you to see every detail, and puts birds within touching distance, which can be very relaxing. Attaching a feeder to a window can reduce stress and provide entertainment for those who are bed bound. It also serves as a safe “television” for cats, which can sit on a windowsill and observe the action. Many people use bird feeders as a way to teach their children about wildlife.

Bird Feeders Create a Food Supply

Many people install a variety of feeders on their properties so that they can ensure that wildlife is always fed. No matter what type of birds they have on their properties, there is a feeder that will work, since they are available in many sizes. Some also have slanted roofs that keep the squirrels out. Many models are big enough so that they can be filled occasionally and still provide a ready supply of seed.

Feeders Are Easy to Buy

The Internet makes it easy to buy any type of feeder you want. Sites like offer a range of bird feeders in various sizes, materials, and price ranges. Ordering online is convenient and your feeder can be delivered to your door.

A bird feeder is the ideal way to view wild birds and a window model allows you to see them especially closely. Feeders ensure that wildlife has food, provide entertainment, and are easy to buy.

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