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By | May 23, 2016

What Are The Responsibilities Of French Bulldog Breeders? The growing demand of people who like French Bulldog seen lots of unscrupulous dealers to surface. These types of people who look at Frenchies as cash milling creatures are not taking any responsibilities of properly breeding a French Bulldog. Whether it is for companions or show dogs, French Bulldogs are special breed of dog. These dogs require special attention when breeding, during gestation period as well as after they’ve given birth. Any responsible breeders know the rules of breeding such dogs and will take every factor into mind before they proceed to breed. These Frenchies ought to be screened for different presence of different genes that are in charge for some health issues observed in this bred. One disease that has been screened is referred as Von-Willerbrand’s disease that causes blood clot to the affected dog, predisposing massive bleeding and even hematomas, small injuries and making the dog a candidate for any kind of surgery. French bulldogs must not be bred on first heat; after first heat passed, the female could be bred on consecutive heats that come. French bulldog that’s over 5 years must be bred as there’s high risk of complication and that the dog may not carry pregnancy to term.
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You must source for stud somewhere else if you just have female. What this mean is that, you must look for good candidate that’s right for your pet. Of course, expect some costs to be involved in finding the right stud and have your female bred. The whole process will surely take you some time and being able to identify good stud should be done before your female bulldog is on heat. This way, you will be able to make proper arrangements.
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Yes it is true that there’s no assurance that a female French Bulldog would be pregnant but, you might increase the odds of successful mating unknowingly by going to service your female in the right time. You may even consider asking good breeders when is the best time to breed. The rough estimates can be made by simply counting days from when your female starts to bleed and this period will likely last for the next 9 days and known as pro-estrus or the female French bulldog is preparing to come on heat. The dog is already in its full estrus when the 9 days have passed and on the 11th day, the ova will be released from the ovary and often, the best time to start on breeding. And in addition to breeding a French bulldog, you also have to take care of the pups till the time comes that they can be sold.

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