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By | January 15, 2016

Finding the Best Small Pets When you live in a small house, a dorm or apartment, then you know that there is just a small space for you to occupy and you may think of what animal you can have in your place. You will be able to have a great companion when you have a pet. There are various small pets that you can find and keep inside the house. Here are some of the great options that you can get for your small residence as a pet. The fish is a kind of creature which is allowed in any dorm. The fish are quite as well as relaxing and they don’t need lots of attention too. Also, the fish food is quite cheap and not hard to find too. The maintenance is simple and easy because you will just be required to clean the tank every week. They also don’t take a lot of space and you can begin by having a small fishbowl and you can upgrade to a bigger aquarium later. The fish are also a great pet for the kids before they take care of a bigger pet or something that requires more attention. The turtles are fun to observe and they are great companions as well. They are great for individuals who are able to take care of the pets gently. When you like to keep a turtle, you should have a sun lamp as well as a tank that has water and land area too. It is important to keep the tank at 80 degrees during the day and at night, 70 degrees. You can get advice from your vet so that you will know food you should give to your turtle. There are some turtles which require a special diet depending on their age. Know that the young turtles should consume 50 percent greens and also 50 percent of protein everyday. If you choose to have a turtle, then you must take note that such is long-lived. Some of the turtles can in fact reach 40 years.
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Moreover, when you want to have the white mice, rabbit, hamster or any other, then you can go for them too. They are great for those with young children. If you wish to go for a rabbit, then you can get a cage that is four times the pet’s size and a litter box. It is also strongly recommended that you clean the litter box every week.
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Birds are also fantastic small animals for families with small children. You have to let them make short flights too by getting a bigger cage. They are a great sight and also the kids will be happy to watch them.

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