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By | December 22, 2015

French Bulldogs – The Basic Things That You Will Love About Them The French Bulldog in comparison to the English Bulldog is not that much except for the French Bulldog being a little smaller than the English Bulldog. The other features of these little Bulldogs are ears that are long and erect looking like bat ears. A nose similar to that of a Pug’s and a powerful muzzle is also something they have. Unlike the English bulldogs their heads are square but not too big. You will find that the forehead is rounded.A wider shoulders than their backs in addition to pear shape are also some their features. You will find that they also have hair that comes in various colors but are short. Under-bites and dark eyes are a couple of features they usually have. Because of their sweet and playful nature, French Bulldogs make a wonderful companion. Another thing you will find is the personality they have that makes them funny because they really like to goof off. getting along with other pets you may have will not be a problem for the French bulldogs but a strong bond with one person is usually what they will have. Towards other males, they can be a little aggressive but they don’t really have any problems playing with other dogs. If a French bulldog ever hopes to have a good life, they will need lots of companionship. With this kind of dog, the thing you absolutely can’t do with them is to leave them in your home or backyard for a long time and just pet them when you feel like it. If people are around them all the time, they will be really happy. Just like other breeds of dogs, French bulldogs can also be trained but hitting them or jerking them around is not something they do well with. Because they are always seeking attention, you should praise them a lot and give them rewards if they behave well especially in their training. Treats as training aid is something you need to be careful with because they could gain weight quite easily. You will find that when they see smaller animals, their hunter instincts kick in and they are good with older children who likes these kinds of games.
A Quick Overlook of Animals – Your Cheatsheet
One of the things you should know about French bulldogs is that extreme temperature is something they are sensitive to. If they are exposed to extremely high temperature, they can easily get a heatstroke just like their English counterpart. A temperature they would really prefer is a cold one.
The Art of Mastering Animals
You don’t really need to have a yard just because they are pretty active inside the house. Being taken out for a walk is also something they enjoy aside from playing. You will find that French bulldogs is one of the best breed of dogs out there.

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