How to Determine if a Pet Has a Skin or Ear Infection

By | August 8, 2015

Underneath all that pet fur lays a very delicate skin. Unfortunately, it can be practically impossible to detect any rashes, skin diseases, and other potential ailments rooted beneath the thicket. Interestingly, skin conditions surface other pertinent symptoms that are only indirectly related. Detecting a skin condition is not often about the actual review of the skin. Owners need to pay attention to what else is going on.

Below are some of the most common symptoms that are often attributed to a skin problem. The fortunate thing is that a skin condition is highly treatable, so a close, attentive eye to the pet’s overall health will ward off any potential diseases.

  • A Bad Odor: A smelly dog may be just a necessary part of being, well, a dog. It could be an indication of a skin or ear infection that is only getting worse. A poor smell is one of the later symptoms, so take prompt action.
  • Flaking Skin: Aside from shedding, some pets will go through a flaking process during certain seasons. If the flaking is prolonged and more excessive than usual, it could indicate a skin rash or condition. This is a very early symptom. Pets will often itch their skin repeatedly until a bleeds, and this is pronounced during periods of flaking.
  • Greasy Skin: Be aware of how the fur feels and keep track of what is normal. One of the earliest symptoms is a greasy coat of fur that will be slick even a few hours after a fresh bath. These oils are often surfacing from the skin through the fighting off of an infection.
  • Bloated Anal Gland: It certainly is not pretty, but stay on top of the feeling around the pet’s stomach. If the pet balks when pressure is applied, it could indicate a swelling anal gland. Surprisingly, this could be directly related to the surface skin and.

Most of these symptoms rely on how well an owner knows the ‘standard’ and normal with their pet. Visit Northeast Cat Dermatologists immediately after detecting any of these symptoms. The facility treats all skin issues as well as ear infections related to dogs and cats.

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