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By | November 9, 2015

Taking Care Of Carnivorous Plant Pets If it is your first time buying a carnivorous plant pet, then you’re in for something really nice. If you want to buy one, try searching some venus fly traps for sale in your local area. Pitcher plants are also available if you want something other than the venus fly trap. Since you’re buying these kinds of plants as your pet, you should know how to take care of it and simply watering the plant won’t cut it. If it is your first time buying a carnivorous plant, then you ought to ask question like how you will fertilize the plant, how you will water it, and how will you feed it. When it comes to taking care of your first carnivorous plant, this article has the necessary information for you to know what to do with the plant. A lot of pet lovers usually buy both the pitcher plant and venus fly trap together. However, it’s better that you have knowledge about the basics on how to take care of them first. The good news is that there are already several ways to keep them alive and well during their first days in your residence. Being aware of the plant’s need for water will surely make it easier for you to tend to it every day. As you would have known already, carnivorous plants dwell in wet and humid environments. It is for this reason that a carnivorous plant owner should have a place where there is high humidity. The best way for your plant to be in this environment is to place it on a basin with the right amount of water so that the plant will assume that it is in a humid and wet environment. Also, don’t forget to place it in a sunny area so that it can photosynthesize properly. Doing these will make sure that the carnivorous plant will have healthy foundation and roots. If you have a humidity measure, make sure that the meter is at 70%. Using an old enclosed habitat like an aquarium is a great alternative for taking care of your carnivorous plant as an aquarium’s structure tend to develop a humid environment for the plant. Carnivorous plant’s fertilization can be tricky and many have been arguing about it for years already. Most ideas about carnivorous plant fertilizations tend to lead to the same thing; the carnivorous plants don’t necessarily benefit from any kind of fertilization method. Putting fertilizers on carnivorous plants are said to be harmful to their health because their way of nurturing themselves are different from other plants. To put it simply, they don’t like having chemicals on their roots. Feeding the carnivorous plants with insects is one of the best ways to ensure that it won’t have a nutrient deficiency.Practical and Helpful Tips: Options

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