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By | March 10, 2016

The Dos and Don’ts of Purchasing a French Bulldog A French bulldog is a great pet to have. In your pursuit to purchasing one, it is essential that you are aware of a few number of dos and don’ts so as to avoid being duped or tricked in the process. If you go on reading the following parts of this brief article, you can get yourself acquainted to some dos and don’ts applicable in buying such breed of dog. DO SOME RESEARCH French bulldogs are very wonderful pets. They are intelligent and funny dogs that are so wonderful to be a companion. They come with big bat ears, smooshed faces and short stocky torsos that are enough to make you giggle with their presence. But before you become forgetful of some other important details, you need to conduct your own thorough research before pushing through with the purchase you are planning.
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One thing that you need to know ahead is the fact that French bulldogs are special and delicate types of dogs as they can be more prone to a wide range of diseases if not given the required treatment, care and attention. Even if you are working with the best breeder in your place, there is no way that you can obtain a 100% guarantee that the dog is not going to show some defects in the next months or years to come. But there are some sellers who will try to give you unrealistic promises just to be able to get your money. You have to beware of them.
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COLOR IS ANOTHER SALES PITCH Color is a big matter of consideration to some people when it comes to selecting between items to buy. But this should not be too much considered when purchasing a French bulldog. Lots of sellers in the market today will manage to draw your attention with the exotic or uniquely colored breeds they have. You might have seen on the internet for-sale frenchies that do have chocolate or blue colors. However, there is no such thing as rare color if you are looking for a genuine dog. What you may not know is that such rare coat is a result or simply a manifestation of a body disorder or disease on the skin. Never say your yes to a seller unless you have made yourself adequately informed. Yet, color is just one of those things used by tricksters to trick people. Some breeders will offer you frenchies that do come with a blue colored eye. Blue eyes do not make a dog any better than others, so you better have a shift of mind if you are planning to purchasing one that comes with them. You should seek to know the physical qualities of a French bulldog before trying to visit the market. After all, they do not cost cheap.

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