Four Things That Contain Nitric Oxide

By | November 19, 2016

Countless people seem to search for ways to make their workout routines more effective. Simply jumping on the treadmill day after day is not going to show high results. Many supplements and nutrients are available that provide an extra boost to make a workout more effective, thus providing longer-lasting and higher results. One such substance is nitric oxide. Those wondering what contains nitric oxide can take a look at this list of four things that possess it.

Amino Acids

Several amino acids found in foods help create nitric oxide naturally. Arginine and Citrulline are two of them. Citrulline gets recycled into arginine, which is the main amino acid that produces nitroc oxide for the body. With both of these in the system, the body will have a steady production of the substance. Fruits and nuts provide the best sources.


Beets are a highly popular food, as they offer countless health benefits. Raw and cooked beets both contain nitric oxide, and even the juice from beets can be consumed and used for good. This is a root vegetable that possesses a lot of nitrates that, in turn, increase energy.


Citrulline, a necessary amino acid involved in the process of making nitric oxide, is found in watermelon. This makes the fruit an easy source of the substance. When watermelon is consumed, the citrulline within it will be recycled into arginine, and it will then be formed into nitric oxide and used to boost energy and strength.

NO2 Boosters

Boosters are available that contain all the nitric oxide one needs to get the boost required for a good workout. These NO2 boosters offer many benefits to those who take them. Not only will strength be increased, but muscle mass will be added as well.

A number of sources provided the nitric oxide one needs to get a good workout in and produce optimal strength. It can be consumed through foods like nuts, beets, and watermelon, or taken as a supplement booster. In any event, those looking for the benefits of nitric oxide will get what they are looking for with these four things.

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