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By | February 6, 2016

Pest Control Methods Pests are detrimental to one’s health, the ecology or the economy and that is why they must be managed or regulated. They can cause diseases, destroy the ecology, and even the economy. That is why the exercise of pest control is necessary. The following are the different types of pest control. By trapping Trapping pests is one of the effective ways of dealing with your pest problem. This method is employed when capturing non-insect pests like mice and rats. Laying down the traps need to be done strategically if you are to capture anything. The traps can be used as they are or lure the pests to them using bait.
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By burning the fields
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Fields are burned to kill insects, rodents and pest eggs that may be present in the field; this process is especially carried out after harvesting. Applying pesticides Applying pesticides to kill pests is the most commonly used method where one can spray it through hands, trucks or planes. You might have seen a plane flying over a farmland spraying the pesticides to kill the pests that are threatening to destroy the crops. Pest Hunting Though rare nowadays, hunting pests down started way back in Europe where dogs, cats and other stray animals without owners would be hunted down and killed. Some towns have had a system where the town clown offers a reward to anyone killing a pest and bringing in the proof. Through a poisoned bait Another method of pest control is by setting up poisoned bait. Unknowing the pest will come and eat the food bait laced with poison for example. It is a method commonly used to control rat populations where garbage and other food sources are intentionally poisoned. It has also been used to kill wolves and birds destroying crops. Through biological pest control Biological pest control involves the use of parasites and other natural predators to control certain pests. One way is to use the pest’s natural enemy like say using a cat on rodents. For example in killing mosquitoes there is a bacterium that is put in local water sources to infect and kill mosquito larvae and no leaves no negative impact on the remaining ecology or affect humans. The above are just but examples of the pest control methods -there are several other ways one can be able to deal with these pests. It however has to be effective in the end.

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