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By | January 23, 2016

Five Awesome Things About Honey Badgers I guess you must have heard a lot of things about honey badgers. It might be very difficult for you to tell which are facts or myths in regard to honey badgers. Here are five awesome things about honey badgers that you might not be aware of. What their name stands for The honey eaters of the cape are the honey badgers. They are described this way because they eat honey and live in the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Middle East and India are the other two places where honey badgers can also be found. The “rate”, is also a name used to refer to honey badgers and it’s an African name that originated from the word “raat” which is a Dutch word meaning honeycomb.
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Excellent diggers
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It does not matter the nature of the surface that they are digging, it takes them just a few minutes to be through with digging. So as to get their hands on honey, honey badgers are able to dig through trees and are able to dig inside the ground for protection against predators. They have excellent excavation skills and techniques that allow them to reach their underground prey in a couple of seconds. In the entire world, there is no other animal known to be as good in digging as honey badgers. They look like the skunk The physical appearance of honey badgers looks like that one of a skunk and it also has a very dangerous gland on the base of their tail. A fluid that smells very bad is normally released by these glands and it is this liquid that they mark their territories with. Additionally, they are able to produce stink bombs whenever distressed particularly when their territories that are marked clearly are crossed by a predator. Their stink is not the same as that of their skunk as the stink has a rotten and foul smell. Cruel and slow-moving Honey badgers do not have boundaries in reference to places they can invade and claim it because they don’t want to make their own home somewhere else. As a matter of fact, honey badgers are more comfortable in residence and dens that belong to the other creatures. Because they have the ability of adapting to any kind of crevice makes it difficult for powerless and small animals like the mongoose. Fights Honey badger love fighting other creatures even without any provocation. They are fearless and invasive to the point to start fights with porcupines. This due to its very hard outer layer that cannot be penetrated by teeth or even bee stings, and can twist and turn if attacked by higher animals like hyenas or leopards. Honey badges are afraid of people for fear of being destroyed.

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