Discovering The Truth About Badgers

By | January 19, 2016

Honey Badger: “Honey Badger Don’t Care” Honey Badger is the world’s most fearless creature according to Guinness Book of World Records. Honey Badgers have numerous reasons to be fearless, they have a very thick and rubbery skin about 1/4 inches thick, they have very sharp teeth and powerful jaws, they are resistant to many types of stings just to name a few. Their tough skin makes them look naturally resistant to venom and typically survive from poison stings and chomps. Because of the extreme skin, a honey badger can bring down one of the deadliest creatures; the puff adder. A puff adder’s venom softens human skin though the baby badger perceives the snake as dinner and definitely will not stop until it has the snake for a meal. When a baby honey badger becomes injured from a snake bite, it goes coma for some hours and wakes up to continue feasting on the snake. A nibble that would somehow soften human tissue does nothing against a honey badger’s skin. The viral video, Honey Badger, features nature documentary footage narrated by Randall. The Self-declared animal lover has subsequently launched a progression of successful YouTube recordings on the same. Randall’s video got gigantic prevalence in early 2001 for it’s bold and contemptuous embodiment of the animal. The Honey Badger video was uploaded on January eighteenth, 2011 by YouTuber czg123. The initial video footage was taken from the National Geographic broadcast in 2007.
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The Honey Badger video raked up more than 2.5 million views and gigantic following on YouTube amidst its online presentation on January eighteenth, 2011 and December 2011. Randall’s channel had over 40,992,000 upload views by the end of that year; his channel had an average of 20,074 views a day. The Honey Badger video grew to become a success on account of the personalized interpretation of the animal’s adventure and unique quotes like “honey badger don’t care.”
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Before the end of January 2011, a number of humor websites like Urlesque, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and Funny Or Die featured coverage of the video, mainstream sites like PopCrunch and TMZ likewise featured Randall’s Honey Badger video. Honey Badger video motivated numerous remixes, image macros and tribute videos that were aimed at catchphrases on the video. Sites and stores were additionally not left behind, stores such as Hot Topic profited from the viral status of the Honey Badger by coming up with a series of shirts and products bearing Randall’s remarkable quotes. Glee, a television series incorporated a brief reference to the Honey Badger video, and this was on April nineteenth. Randall was inspired by the success of his video, and later created a YouTube series called “Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals” Randall’s video has inspired various commercials including Bankrupting America, Grasshopper, MythBusters just to name a few.

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