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By | April 14, 2016

Breeding Tips For French Bulldogs The dog breed French Bulldog referred to as Frenchies was originally a small breed of bulldogs from England. By the time of the Industrial revolution, the French Bulldog breed has been introduced into the French territory by workers. In the late 1960s the French Bulldog breed has been gaining so much popularity in the contry it has been introduced to that almost every one of them has been wiped out from its originating country and transferred to the latter. After the popularity explosion of the said breed during the 1960s, it has been crossed breed with other bulldog species and thus resulting in the emergence of the modern French Bulldog breed. The French Bulldog then was introduced into US soil during a popular dog show in one of its modern state. These French Bulldog pups could be good for kids as companions since they are fun to be with. Characteristics of French Bulldog Puppies Though the facial expression of a French Bulldog puppy could be a little glumly, they are actually great companions due to their comical and lively nature. Since French Bulldogs are naturally adaptable to any kind of environment, you can be assured that wherever you live, getting a French Bulldog as a pet would not be a problem in terms of habitat issues with the breed. Aside fom those qualities, a French Bulldog also have a lively nature and are sincerely free spirited which makes them a perfect description of man’s best friend. As a playful and lively type of breed, a French Bulldog is always enjoying ball chasing as a sport. The adult French Bulldogs though can sometimes be a very lazy dog and tends to just lay around all day but during cool weather they could still have the energy to clown around and take a walk.
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Despite the happy and sweet nature of the French Bulldog, some of the French Bulldog males have a hostility towards other dogs thus it would not be wise to socialize them with other dogs. Although not all of them generally have this hostile behavior towards other dogs since most of the time they are peaceful creatures. In order for the French Bulldog puppies to be always in its playful and sweet spirited nature, you need to show them your love and affection in taking care of them. Training these kinds of dog breeds could be a real challenge for you since they tend to be so stubborn at times.
Case Study: My Experience With Animals
Compatibility Consideration For French Bulldog Puppies The very first thing to consider before purchasing a French bulldog puppy is if the lifestyle you are in really fits the lifestyle requirement of the breed. With this you can be sure that the French Bulldog that you are going to buy will not be any kind of burden to you in the distant future.

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