A Quick Review of Properties at the Bairstow Eves Office in Shoeburyness

By | December 10, 2015

At the very entrance of the famous Thames River exists a historically rich and expansive beach city known as Shoeburyness. It consists of just under 20,000 people, making it that perfect little English beach city. Comparatively,Key West Florida, a small island marking the Southernmost point of the Untied States, has a population of 20,000 in a space 1/15 the size.

So it has two distinct beaches that offer that contemporary beach haven. The town has a very classic European style in its inner city and a few miles in from the beach. This duality between the beach and classic Victorian is encapsulating. So it comes as no surprise that there is a lot of competition over properties in this small and quaint seaside town. Bairstow Eves office in shoeburyness has only 40 current properties available in this city. Considering a population of 20,000, this is a very small number. But it is more of a testament of the lack of people wanting to leave the city than anything against the real estate office in the town.

There is a lot of competition over the handful of properties which are readily available, and every single property garners well over 25 potential applicants- on the low end. So a family or individual has found the house of their dreams? They need to act fast to concrete in their future ownership and stake a claim on the property. There may be a bit of a compromise buried within. With such steep competition and so few homes, that absolutely perfect home may be years down the road. Even if it is found, the competition may just squeeze it right out of the option list. This is why speed combined with thorough understanding of expectations is paramount to finding that perfect home.

The most recently sold property was a four bedroom detached home a few short miles from the beach. It marks arguably one of the best properties in the city, but this is not difficult for this neighborhood. These homes are widely considered the best in Canvey Island, the southernmost point of the United Kingdom.

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