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By | December 7, 2015

Breeding French Bulldogs and the Typical Responsibilities High demand of public wanting to have a pet with this breed had found many dealers selfishly breeding French bulldogs by mere breeding. Frenchies are treated as income-producing animal by some people who do not think of the responsibility required by breeding French bulldog. French bulldogs are distinctive breed of dog as it can be a companion or an entertainer in shows. Special attention while breeding is required by French bulldogs such as periods of gestation and after giving birth. French bulldogs must be bred by a responsible breeder who knows about the following criteria and will consider these factors before continuing on breeding and deciding whether a female is better candidate over a male to be bred. Frenchies must be clinically assessed whether there are various genes present on the animal that are responsible for some possible health problems that are typically seen in this breed. One of the common diseases that can be seen on this breed is the Von-Willebrands disease which may cause blood clotting that can result to small injuries and hematomas making French bulldog puppies a possible candidate for any kind of surgery. On the first heat, French bulldogs must not be bred but after the first heat breeder can now breed female Frenchie. Frenchies is prone to complications and the dog might not be able to push through with the pregnancy and giving birth if they are already five years old and above and still bred.
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You should scout for a male somewhere else if you only have a female French bulldog. This ought you to explore sources for a good candidate that fits your Frenchie. Getting your female French bulldog a mate and breed have associated cost as finding the best stud. This actions may take a lot of time and looking for the best mate your dog should be done before your female Frenchie is on heat making you create best arrangements.
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There might be no assurance of pregnancy on the part of your female dog, but you can rise the chances of successful mating if you had provided a good service to the female French bulldog on the correct period of time. The best time can be learned through consulting a vet or a good breeder. An estimate can be made by counting the days when the female French bulldog starts to produce small portions of blood or spotting. It is typically known as pro estrus which means that the female dog is preparing to start on heat, and this will last about nine days. The female dog will be most fertile on the eleventh day to thirteenth day from when the dog starts spotting. In order to deliver the French bulldog puppies, the female dog must undergo c-section. You can post your frenchie puppies for sale after taking care of them aside from breeding them.

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