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By | December 19, 2015

How to Take Care of Venus Flytrap Pets to Keep Them in Shape at All Times There will be so many pets that you can choose from and if you are so in to planting as well, then you will surely want to go for Venus flytraps but understanding more about them first will be ideal to ensure that you know how to take care of them. If you don’t know yet, these types of plants are rather easy to take care of and are definitely rewarding when the time comes. What’s great about these plants is that they can be grown outdoors or indoors, depending on which you prefer but there are certain key points to remember though if you wish to have them grown indoors. It is very important that you know the specifics when you decide to keep them indoors because failure to do so will result to killing the plant. Naturally, these plants need to be exposed to direct sunlight hear for about 6 to 8 hours so in case you wish to have them placed indoors, then placing them on open areas where sunlight can reach them will be ideal. Failure to keep them exposed to direct sunlight for too long will result to have them wilt or died. Aside from the Venus Flytrap, there are also quite a lot on the list that you can choose from but of all the types of carnivorous plants that you can choose from, Venus Flytraps are the easiest to take care of.
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Feeding these things also require adequate knowledge because they are not like your usual pets that you need to feed on a daily basis.
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The Venus flytrap plants are just like the other plants because they share the same nutrients like soil, water, and sunlight but what makes them more interesting is the fact that they can be fed in a different way, which is feeding them with insects. If you are not sure what type of insects to feed your Venus flytrap pet, then consider giving them spiders, flies, crickets, and small bugs since these are considered to be ideal diet for such plants. Although bugs and other insects are ideal food for these types of plants, still, there are certain types of insects that you should not feed the plants and caterpillars are highly possible to eat them from the inside and the risks are just too much. If you do feed your Venus flytrap pets, see to it that the insects that you will feed are still alive because these plants are designed to feed with living insects due to their inner hairs that need to be triggered to completely close the trap. If you did kill the insect prior to feeding them to the Venus flytrap, then you can mimic the nature by triggering the inner hairs yourself and see to it that you will do it gently.

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