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By | August 31, 2015

What You Should Know about Carnivorous Plant Pets A larger number of people have lately taken to the buying of carnivorous plant pets for their homesteads. Before buying the plant pets, it is important to keep in mind that they are different and come in wide varieties. Know where you will get the plant pets for your home, keeping in mind that different plant pets survive in various conditions. In case you are not sure which plant you should get for your home, feel free to get help from experts of carnivorous plants to ascertain what would work for your environment. It is important to know about care tips and general planting procedure to avoid messing with the plant.
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Carnivorous plant pets are a special case when it comes to watering, in that you can only water them with pure water failure to which they will not survive. Given that plant pets require extra care to survive, ensure that the soil holding them is wet at all times. Most carnivorous plant pets with the exception of just a few survive very well in acidic soil.
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Avoid touching the plant pet with your finger or whatever object because that way, you will end up shortening the life of the plant. Although some carnivorous plant pets can easily tolerate low humidity, the fact is that they all need high humidity to survive. Some people think that because the plant’s name has a pet at the end it will need real food, but remember the pet plant is just like any other plant, and what is important are soil nutrients and photosynthesis. The carnivorous plants, especially those in outdoors not only depend on the sun for survival but also feed on crawling and flying insects. To ensure that the prey you are feeding the plant is slow enough, try freezing them first. Carnivorous plant pets do not survive in soil that is fortified with minerals, and that means you should be extra careful not to add any fertilizer to it. For the plant to survive, it will always require a lot of light whether artificial light or sun, failure to which it will either die or end up having a stunted growth. Different carnivorous plant pets have different lengths in terms of routes, therefore when choosing a jar, only get what can serve the purpose. Identifying the plants dormant period is necessary so that you will not continue taking care of it as if it were still in the growing phase. During winter or freezing seasons, the plant pets are not able to survive indoors, meaning you should always make efforts of taking them indoors in areas where they can access enough light. In case there are any dead leaves on your plant, cut them off so that they will not end up blocking the sun from reaching the designated parts of the plant.

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