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By | October 1, 2015

Different Facts about Honey Badgers Honey badgers are actually considered as one of the most amazing animals in the world. The reason for this can actually be found in the article below. Honey badgers could be seen from different places like South Africa, Namibia and also in Kenya. Also, they are known to raid some of the refuse bins that are from campsites from various National Parks. One fact about these animals is that they are the most fearless animals. Though these animals may look cute as well as adorable, it is best that you should never be deceived. They are actually tough, which is the reason as to why you must never mess with these guys. You actually are going to know a lot more about them in the article provided below.
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Another fact about them is that honey badgers kill and eat snakes. Such animals actually attack snakes and even the ones which are considered to be venomous. This animal has the capability of devouring a 5 feet long for only 15 minutes. They have the capable of killing snakes by grabbing them behind the snakes head. Some examples of animals which actually falls prey to such animal would be hares, tortoises, termites, earthworms as well as crocodiles.
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These are also solitary creatures, but there are cases to where they come together to where food is abundant. These animals are likewise said that they don’t have any permanent place that they live in. After they have dug a hole, they usually stay there for a day or maybe two and then they travel again in order to look for another place to stay. They are also nocturnal during summer time and diurnal at winter. These animals also have rubbery and thick skin. Their toughness and their looseness of their skin actually make them resistant when it comes to bites from other animals. Also, they could twist around that allows them to turn and also bite predators. This animals lifespan is still not known because not much information is known about it. Some sources that you will however find says they have the capability of living in captivity for 24 – 26 years. But they most live for 7 – 8 years in the wild. These animals also release their scents coming from their anal glands. These are however suggestions to which they use it to drive bees away from the hive. The name of honey badger may actually not sound sweet and good-natured, because of how their names are implied, but still they are considered as a unique animal that is present today. Though these animals have grumpy attitudes, you should still give respect to them and to also help protect them.

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