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By | August 16, 2015

How to Treat Ear Mites in Cats Cats acquire numerous kinds of ear infections but what proves to be the most typical are ear mites. The ear mites can make cats very uncomfortable and irritated, because of the fact that it’s also very painful. This can spread among other cats in the house when not treated as soon as possible – it may not be dangerous in the cat’s health but being contagious should still alarm the pet owner. Cats will also tend to scratch a lot and will leave the area behind the ears with wounds and bruises. Traditionally, the solution is said to be pesticides that are oil-based. The key to see visible effects and improvements is to make sure that the cat gets regular and constant treatment – it has to be done continuously. Natural ear mite remedies are also used by some people who believe in natural healing and treatment. As for the oil treatment, this is not used internally but rather on the outside of the ears. The oil has to be in a cool temperature but has to be warmed, the minute it needs to be used as treatment. Cat ears are very sensitive and just as humans, the oil must not be dropped when it’s either too hot or cold. The same as when a mother tests the water’s warmth on her wrist, this should also be done with the oil. Home products and ingredients can actually make a pet owner concoct an effective ear mite lotion right away. Almond oil is the main oil base used for this. The base oil then has to be properly mixed with Lavender and Vitamin E. Every morning and night, the lotion or mixture has to be dropped ten times. Massage the ear and follow it up with a thorough massage that uses eucalyptus oil in the ear canal. The purpose of the massage is to slowly lift the particles inside the ear, and once it surfaces, a cotton ball for swiping will be used.
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The cat ear has to be cleaned and sanitized afterwards. A cleanser that can easily be done at home, is just a mixture of apple cider vinegar and warm water. Application is done by dipping cotton balls on the vinegar and water mixture – this has to be applied on the inside of the ear and not the exterior. The ear has to be kept clean from the discharge that have also surfaced – swab and wipe carefully so as not putting the dirt back inside the ear. Once he particles are completely removed, it then has to be dried with the good old hair dryer.News For This Month: Options

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